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FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament Team Review: Cameroon

Review: Close but no cigar - Cameroon fought their way to the 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifiers Tournament semi-finals, only to see their 2024 Paris Olympic dreams dashed by Latvia in a hard-fought and tense 72-59 loss. The semi-final loss to Latvia may have been a setback, but it also served as a valuable learning experience.

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July 9, 2024

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July 9, 2024

Elango Mbotona

Elango Mbotona

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FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament Team Review: Cameroon

FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament Team Review: Cameroon

The Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Riga-Latvia saw Cameroon’s Olympic dream fade away. They played well ranked teams in the world, showing a great level of basketball, as we believe over the years Cameroon has improved on their level of play.

Group Stage Performance

Game 1: Montenegro vs Cameroon

The opening game was a close contest that saw Cameroon falling short by just four points. Despite a strong defensive effort, the team struggled with shooting efficiency and turnovers.  Although Cameroon had up to five players in double digits, with Key players like Jeremiah Hill Fabien Ateba and Brice Eyaga who provided solid performances, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win. They found themselves dominated in the paint by Montenegro and a double-double for Vucevic, 11 points and 14 rebounds. The game ended thus; Montenegro 70 - 66 Cameroon.

Game 2: Cameroon vs Brazil

In a thrilling encounter, Cameroon managed to edge out Brazil with a narrow three-point victory. This game highlighted the team's resilience and ability to perform under pressure. Jeremiah Hill was unstoppable as he dropped 22 points and 6 rebounds. Contributions from the team and a stellar performance by Brice Eyaga were crucial. Cameroon kept calm spirit when Brazil came back to the game and tied the score, yet Jeremiah Hill was there to save Cameroon from elimination with a three. This victory secured Cameroon a spot in the semi-finals as the second seed from their group. The final score, Cameroon 77 -74 Brazil.


Game 3: Cameroon vs Latvia

Facing the host team Latvia in the semi-finals, Cameroon struggled to maintain their momentum.  Latvia's home-court advantage and strong offensive play proved too much for Cameroon. Despite efforts from key players,Cameroon couldn't close the gap, leading to a 13-point defeat. Star playerJeremiah Hill was not at his top as he struggled behind the arc and could barely make a shot. Hopes were not lost yet for the Cameroonians as William Narace kept the offence alive knocking down three points and going physical in the paint scoring 14 points. Seven minutes into the 4th quarter Cameroon let lose their aggressive defence and Latvia could not resist the taste of open shots from the arc.

During the post-game press conference, Coach Alfred Aboya admitted the fact that he was there to win but Latvia was better than them with their crowd present.

We tried to stretch the floor and shoot from outside but that did not go so well for us. We are going to come back even better.

Throughout the tournament, Cameroon's defence was aggressive and solid but rebounding was poor, their offence struggled due to height. Performancesfrom Jeremiah Hill, Brice Eyaga and Joel William Narace were instrumental in their win against Brazil but not sufficient to overcome Latvia. The team'sability to rally and secure a crucial win against Brazil shows promise, but they need to work on consistency, rebounding and minimizing turnovers.

Cameroon's journey in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament showcased their potential and resilience. While they fell short in the semi-finals, their victory against Brazil and competitive play againstMontenegro highlight a team capable of growth and future success.

[Photography / Imagery Courtesy of FIBA]


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