The FIBA WABC L1 in Guinea and FIBA Referee L1 Clinic to be held in South Sudan Mauritania and Gambia : Elevating Basketball  Standards

FIBA WABC L1 in Guinea and FIBA Referee L1 Clinic to be held in South Sudan Mauritania and Gambia

Published on

April 16, 2024

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April 14, 2024

Elango Mbotona

Elango Mbotona

Staff Writer

FIBA Africa Instructor Clinic in Abidjan in March 2023

In a bid to enhance the quality of basketball coaching in Guinea and officiating in South Sudan Mauritania and Gambia, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is organising the WABC L1 Clinic in Guinea, slated to take place in the heart of the nation from the 12th to the 17th of April 2024, and a FIBA L1 Referee clinic in South Sudan from the 12th to 15th of April, in Mauritania and Gambia from 18th to 21st of April 2024. This ground breaking initiative aims to equip local coaches and young referees with the necessary skills and knowledge to foster the development of basketball at all levels.

Scheduled to unfold over several days, the clinic will bring together a diverse array of coaching talent, referees both locally and internationally renowned, to impart their expertise and insights. Participants can expect a comprehensive curriculum covering various facets of coaching and game managing, including fundamental skills development, strategic tactics, player management on court, and sports psychology.

One of the primary objectives of the clinic is to empower coaches with the tools to nurture the next generation of basketball talent in Guinea and also build a strong foundation for the young and upcoming referees. By instilling best practices and methodologies, the initiative seeks to cultivate a vibrant basketball ecosystem that fosters growth, competitiveness, and inclusivity.

Furthermore, the FIBA WABCL1 Clinic and the FIBA Referee L1 Clinic is  to serve as a platform for networking and collaboration among coaches and young referees, fostering a community of learning and continuous improvement. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and practical demonstrations, participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge lasting connections.

The significance of these clinics extends beyond the realm of sports, as it holds the potential to positively impact the broader socio-cultural landscape of these concerned countries. By promoting values such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience, basketball becomes a vehicle for social cohesion and youth empowerment, transcending barriers and inspiring positive change.


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