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FUS Rabat Triumphs Over Al Ahly Sporting 89-78 in a Thrilling North African Playoff Derby

Game Report: Amidst the fiery crucible of North African playoff basketball, FUS Rabat emerges victorious in a jaw-dropping 89-78 clash against Al Ahly Sporting.

Published on

May 25, 2024

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May 25, 2024

Fanya Nkengasong

Fanya Nkengasong

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FUS Rabat Triumphs Over Al Ahly Sporting 89-78 in a Thrilling North African Playoff Derby

FUS Rabat Triumphs Over Al Ahly Sporting 89-78 in a Thrilling North African Playoff Derby

The second match of the 2024 Basketball Africa League Playoffs featured an intense North African derby between two top-seeded teams from different conferences: FUS Rabat from the Kalahari Conference in South Africa and Al Ahly Sporting from the Nile Conference in Cairo.

Both teams brought contrasting styles to the court, setting the stage for an unpredictable and high-stakes game. FUS Rabat started strong, leading 16-9 in the first quarter and winning the period by three points (22-19). However, the second quarter saw Al Ahly take their first lead by a single point (32-31), largely thanks to Patrick Gardner's impact on the inside. Gardner had already scored seven points, adding an extra layer of offensive prowess.

The two teams engaged in a back-and-forth battle across the court, with Al Ahly leading by eight points (49-41) at halftime. Al Ahly's bench was particularly effective in the first half, contributing 19 points and capitalising on counter-attacks with 10 points. By halftime, Gardner had accumulated 12 points.

Despite a challenging second quarter, Abdelhakim Zouita and his teammates from FUS Rabat mounted a comeback after the break. Energised by Air Diarra's impressive dunks, Rabat narrowed the gap to three points (56-53). The third quarter ended with FUS Rabat winning the period by two points, though Al Ahly still led 64-58.

Sensing the urgency, FUS Rabat intensified its efforts in the final quarter, overcoming the deficit and taking a four-point lead (75-71). With three minutes remaining, FUS Rabat extended its lead to 80-71. The Moroccan club's defensive excellence allowed it to increase its lead further, winning the final quarter 31-14 and securing a remarkable victory.

This thrilling match showcased both teams' competitive spirit and skill, with FUS Rabat emerging victorious in a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

"Yacine Baeri put us back in the game with his first-time shots," said teammate Ayoub Nouhi.

At the final buzzer, the scoreboard displayed a decisive 89-78 victory in favor of FUS Rabat. Could there be a better way to start their playoff campaign.

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