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African Women's Basketball League Game Recap: Sporting vs KPA

Sporting's Three-Point Showcase Propels Hosts as Queens of Group A in Showdown Against KPA.

Published on

January 22, 2024

Last Updated on

January 8, 2024

Elango Mbotona

Elango Mbotona

Staff Writer

Alexandria Sporting Club

Sporting Secures Top Spot in Group A with Dominant Performance Against KPA.

It was a very exciting matchup between two unbeaten teams to decide who will top group A as they battled in their last group game.

An early lead for Sporting with a smooth ball circulation gave KPA moments to reassess their offence rightly but it seemed sporting were out to resolve matters behind the three point line. KPA down by ten points, kept committing defensive errors and was not able to get easy basket as a results, eight uncontested points for Diagne in the paint.

KPA was still unable to respond as Sporting put up a 3 points clinic from all side of the court from Destiny Pitts who scored 15 points in nine and a half minutes. It was a huge first quarter for Sporting Club leading 39-14. Matters became worst for KPA as the Sporting defence intensified and took the lead by thirty points. It kept raining threes for Sporting as Victoria Reynolds was missing in action at the three point’s line in the first half. With a quick 4 point run KPA succeeded to cut the lead to 26points that sent them to the locker-room at half time 59-33.

Sporting picked up from where they stopped in the first half and continued to punish KPA at the three point line. Seldom could anyone remember the last layup made by Sporting. KPA fell short of arms against the dominant Sporting on the three point line. The Kenyans tried to fight fire with fire but it became more complicated for them being unable to concretise their offences. Despite outscored by KPA in last quarter Sporting carried the day with a score of 102-77. Cierra Dillard had a remarkable impact in her team’s victory scoring 20 points 12 assist.

Sporting Club finished 1st of group A unbeaten, followed by KPA, played 4 games won 3 and lost 1, then the Nigerian Customs, played 4 games, won 2 and lost 2, the University of Douala, played 4 games lost 3 and won 1 game, at the bottom of the group, CNSS who lost all four games. The first four teams of each group qualified for the quarter final come Sunday 17th December. Meanwhile the last teams of each group will play for the 9-10th position of the AWBL 2023.

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