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African Women's Basketball League Game Recap: Equity Bank vs KPA

KPA Triumph Over Equity Bank, Securing Semi-Finals Berth in the AWBL

Published on

January 22, 2024

Last Updated on

January 8, 2024

Elango Mbotona

Elango Mbotona

Staff Writer

Equity Bank vs KPA

KPA Secures Second Semi-Finals Berth, Prevails Against Hometown Rival Equity Bank.

The basketball showdown was an all-Kenyan affair as Equity Bank faced off against their local rival, Kenya Port Authority, in a high-stakes battle for a coveted spot in the semi-finals. The game kicked off with a smooth defensive exchange, showcasing the technical prowess of both teams.

However, only fourteen points were tallied collectively by halftime through the first quarter. This spurred Kenya Port Authority (KPA) to seize control, establishing a 7-point lead at 7-14. Equity Bank struggled to convert easy layups, contributing to their opponent's advantage.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, KPA's Madina Okot took charge in the paint, making significant contributions alongside Victoria Reynolds. Their combined efforts propelled KPA to extend their lead, concluding the first half with a commanding score of 23-44. KPA exhibited a well-coordinated and efficient performance, resembling a finely tuned machine on the court.

Madina Okot

In the second half, the intensity soared as KPA made a powerful statement right at the onset of the third quarter, notching up 7 quick points in under 3 seconds, capitalizing on poor controls and swift transitions.

Despite this, Equity Bank demonstrated resilience, with Judith Pantaleo heating up and sinking several shots. The Equity Bank squad intensified their offensive efforts, delivering more shots and easy layups, taking advantage of a slightly relaxed defense from KPA.

Equity Bank refused to fade quietly in the third quarter, with Deborah Obunga adding a thrilling touch by burying a baseline three at the buzzer, narrowing the gap to a 10-point deficit. The team attempted a comeback, but despite their efforts, it proved unsuccessful. Critical possessions were squandered, and Equity Bank concluded the encounter with 31 points and an impressive 17 rebounds by Madina Okot. The game ultimately concluded with a substantial 66-81 victory for KPA, marking a significant triumph in their journey through the tournament.

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