Dribbling Dreams: FIBA Foundation and FIBA Africa Spark Mini Basketball Revolution in Tanzania!

Dive into the heart of Tanzania's Mini Basketball revolution, ignited by the dynamic collaboration of FIBA Foundation and FIBA Africa. Discover how they're turning dreams into reality, one dribble at a time!

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January 22, 2024

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January 6, 2024

Ayo Biyibi

Ayo Biyibi

Staff Writer

FIBA Foundation and FIBA Africa Spark Mini Basketball Revolution in Tanzania

Dribbling Dreams: FIBA Foundation and FIBA Africa Spark Mini Basketball Revolution in Tanzania!

In partnership with the FIBA's Regional Office of Africa and the unwavering backing of the FIBA Foundation, the eagerly awaited fifth edition of the annual Mini Basketball Convention unfolded with resounding success.  

Held from November 23rd to November 25th, 2023, this significant event brought together enthusiasts and stakeholders, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing development of Mini Basketball across the African continent.

Building on the triumph of the 2022 edition held in Mauritania, the spotlight shifted to Tanzania as the host for this year's Convention. A collaborative effort unfolded with the active involvement of 19 delegates representing 16 African countries.

The overarching objective of the event was to champion the cause of introducing and fostering playful grassroots basketball tailored for children aged 5 to 12 years. Beyond the courts, the convention aimed to amplify awareness regarding the crucial link between good health and well-being in a vibrant, stimulating, and joyous environment. It became a platform not just for basketball enthusiasts but a celebration of holistic development for the youth across the African continent.

Within the distinguished assembly of delegates, a notable contingent included several individuals who were participants in the FIBA Foundation Propose a Project initiative. These forward-thinking individuals actively engaged in the Convention, leveraging the insights gained to enhance their ongoing projects.

The event served as a dynamic learning ground, equipping the delegation with valuable tools and knowledge that will play a pivotal role in the continued advancement and refinement of their respective initiatives. The cross-pollination of ideas and experiences further fuelled their commitment to making lasting positive impacts through their projects.

Furthermore, an essential component of the convention involved the active participation of 50 local coaches who immersed themselves in a comprehensive workshop. This workshop seamlessly blended practical hands-on sessions with theoretical insights, providing the coaches with valuable tools and strategies to enhance their ability to connect and engage effectively with the youth. The collective efforts of the delegates and coaches synergised to create an exceptionally memorable convention. Over the course of three days, their collaborative endeavours brought joy and skill development to a total of 250 children, leaving an indelible impact on the young participants' lives.

Jean Michel Ramorossan, a distinguished Member of the FIBA Central Board, underscored the pivotal mission of the Mini Basketball Convention, emphasizing its role in imparting knowledge to children and nurturing their dreams. He highlighted the significance of coaches and delegates converging from various corners of Africa to provide guidance and mentorship to the aspiring young players.

In his statement, Ramorossan acknowledged basketball as one of Africa's rare disciplines with a cohesive youth development program, attributing this success to the dedicated efforts of FIBA Africa and the FIBA Foundation. Their work has played a crucial role in establishing basketball as a sport that not only captures the imagination of the youth but also provides a structured pathway for their holistic growth and development.

Michael Kadebe, the President of the Tanzanian Basketball Federation, underscored the significant impact of the Convention on local coaches, emphasizing its pivotal role in their professional development:

"This event is very important for the local coaches as it is different from regular coaching clinics, making it more challenging for them. They all have different backgrounds and knowledge so they can share their experience with their peer. In addition, they have the support of the international delegates who advise them on how to further develop grassroots basketball."

The collaborative efforts of the FIBA Foundation, FIBA Regional Offices, and National Federations remain steadfast as they continue their annual commitment to organizing regional Mini Basketball Conventions worldwide. This ongoing collaboration aims to not only sustain but also expand the Mini Basketball Movement globally. By consistently hosting these conventions, the program facilitates the growth of grassroots basketball in diverse regions.

The emphasis is on creating an engaging and enjoyable approach tailored for children, fostering their passion for the sport in a dynamic and playful manner. This collective initiative reflects a dedicated commitment to nurturing the love for basketball at its roots and fostering the holistic development of young talents across the globe.

[Image/Photography Credit: FIBA]


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